Optician job description – Learn what they do

Optician job description

Optician job description and Become an Optician
An optician is a vital job because they care for the well-being of the eyes. The eyes are taken care of by the optician along with ophthalmologists. The two jobs work together for eye health and improvement. But an optician job description is geared toward another aspect of eye health.

An optician job description includes the following:
• Opticians examine and interpret prescriptions to patients about their overall eye health.
• An optician job description includes recommendations of eye glasses that patient needs to wear and the steps that they need to follow to prevent the deterioration of their eyes.
• They also advise patients on steps on how to improve their eyesight.
• Opticians advise the type of eyeglasses that a patient has to wear based on his or her facial features, tendencies, and job.
• An optician job description also includes identifying the lens coating, the type of lens, and the grade of the patient’s eyes.
• They measure the grade of the patient’s eyes and determine if they should wear glasses or they can still find ways to improve their eyesight to avoid wearing glasses.
• An optician job description enables them to help patients who have poor eyesight and works on improving their eyesight after giving a prescription or recommendation.
• Measures a patient’s eyes and determine the grade of their eyes.
• An optician also measures the pupil’s center and the exact distance that separates the surface of the eye and the lens.

Optician job description and How to become an opticians

Optician job descriptionAfter reading about an optician job description the next question that must swirling inside your head is how can you work on becoming one.

How to become an optician?

If your lifelong dream is to become an optician then you are in luck because you do not need related experience to practice as an optician and fulfill an optician job description. All you need is a two to four-years apprenticeship with an eye doctor, ophthalmologist, or another optometrist. But keep in mind that in some states, they require you to have a license before becoming a full-fledged optician.

You can also get an associate’s degree in optometric technology or ophthalmic dispensing as a pre-requisite to become a full-fledged optician. Look for the right school that offers a quality education in optometry and get the requirements to get into that school. Once you have gotten the pre-requisites to become an optician you must certify yourself to be able to practice.

Optician certification

A practicing optician must pass an associate’s degree or finish the required apprenticeship to start practicing. But even before they start taking their own patients and customers, they must pass two tests which are the American Board of Opticianry and the National Contact Lens Examiners. Once you pass these two tests you are a step closer to achieving your dream of doing an optician job description.

Optician salary

As an optician you can earn around $21,000 to $50,000. The average salary of opticians once they have hit the median point of their careers is $35,000. An optician job description is not for everybody because of the low pay. However, if you think it is the career for you then goes and lives out your dream job.
We hope you know more opticians do by optician job description.

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