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Orthodontist Salary: Qualifications, Job Description, Salary, and Job Outlook for Orthodontics

In helping individuals who plan to pursue a career in orthodontics, relevant information like the qualifications, job description, job outlook, and orthodontist salary can be used in evaluating one’s own readiness for the field. All these factors are seen as pertinent information in evaluating if focusing on this specialization can be the right choice for a person. This article will serve as a guide as it will discuss the information that one needs to know about orthodontics.

What is orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a specialization in the field of dental medicine that deals with the study and treatment for improving the appearance of teeth and correcting any irregularities in teeth development. Orthodontic treatment is not limited only in the reconstruction of teeth. In other cases, orthodontic treatment can also be used to control and correct facial development.

Orthodontist was the first specialization in dental medicine. Today it remains to be a highly-respected profession. Extensive study and training is required before one is able to practice orthodontics. Qualifications for orthodontic practice differ in countries as well as the amount of orthodontic salary that can be awarded to the practitioner.

Orthodontist salary: What is the orthodontist job description?

What is the orthodontist job description? The orthodontist is responsible for modifying or reconstructing teeth deformities and other facial developments that are affected by the formation of the teeth. He or she can specialize in dental treatment for children or for adults.

Orthodontists work by applying four general methods in diagnosis and treatment planning. First, the orthodontist must examine the patient’s teeth deformity. Observing the deformity will allow the orthodontist to find out what are its causes. Once the nature of the problem has been established, the orthodontist can already design a special course of treatment to correct the deformity. The treatment should always be according to the needs of the patient and the patient must be well-informed as to how the treatment will proceed.

Orthodontists work at least 40 hours a week or more depending on circumstances. He or she can receive an average orthodontist salary of $195, 000 per year. The orthodontist salary is still dependent on several factors.

An orthodontist must also finish years of training before he or she becomes qualified for the profession. Below are some of the steps that must be undertaken to become an orthodontist.

Orthodontist salary: How to become an orthodontist

orthodontist salaryHow to become an orthodontist? An orthodontist salary can be very rewarding for anyone but sufficient study and training must first be obtained before anything else. It all starts in completing a degree in dentistry. This will take four years for a student and it involves lectures on concepts and methods and clinical practice. Taking a dentistry course from a recognizable dental school can prepare a person well for the next step that comes after attaining the degree.

The next step is post-graduate studies focused on orthodontics. This will usually take two to three years of study. It is best to take post-graduate studies from an accredited dental school. Completion of study from an accredited dental school gives one a higher qualification for orthodontist certification.

Following completion of studies, the person can now take fellowship training in orthodontics or licensure examinations. Passing the examinations will grant a person with license to practice orthodontics in all places. Additional certification can also be a good option because it gives one better chances for future employment. Others can choose to practice orthodontics inside a medical institution while some pursue private practice.

Orthodontist salary: Career advancement

Younger orthodontists will start out working usually as apprentices to more experienced orthodontists. They can be working either in hospitals or in privately-owned dental clinics. As they continue to work as associates, they also gain a higher level of experience that will prove helpful if ever they decide to continue their career in their own clinic. As an orthodontist spends more years of practice, he or she also gains more reputation in the field of dental medicine. The orthodontist salary increases with more experience.

What is the average orthodontist salary?

There are many factors that affect the orthodontist salary. Firstly, there is the level of experience to consider. Naturally, those who possess more advanced techniques gain better chances of receiving an orthodontist salary that is higher than the usual.

The orthodontist salary may also depend on the location where the orthodontist practices the profession. Orthodontists have the option to work for the public sector, a private hospital, or individual practice. It was found that orthodontists under individual practice received higher orthodontist salary than others.

Benefits and other forms of compensation also affect the orthodontist salary. All bonuses and benefits received will add to the total orthodontist salary. The amount of bonuses and benefits received depends on the facility where the orthodontist is employed.

The average orthodontist salary is recorded at $130, 00 per year. The highest amount can be earned over $200, 000 per year, while the lowest salary amounts to approximately $70, 000 per year.

Orthodontist salary: Job outlook

The job outlook will be very favorable for those who aspire to practice orthodontics in the future. The number of practicing orthodontists is expected to grow in the coming years, particularly for the next seven years since the demand for the profession is still steadily increasing. In fact, the rate at which the demand grows is faster than the demand for other professions. If all conditions work fairly, future orthodontists can expect more employment opportunities.

More advancement is also expected to happen in the next couple of years that is if research in development of orthodontics will be pursued by more academicians. These advancements will greatly benefit the orthodontists of today and even the aspiring ones. The more knowledge one has of advanced techniques, the more he or she can see a bright career ahead of him.

Anyone who expresses interest for this specialization should also be aware of all the challenges that will be faced along the way. All these challenges makes one more equipped with a higher level of experience and it can be even more rewarding in orthodontist salary.

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